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Our Mission Statement

Who We Are

All Seasons Children’s Learning Center is a private, independent, non-sectarian preschool and kindergarten serving children ages two-and-a-half through five-and-a-half.  


The school offers a distinctive, fully-integrated curricula that balances an advanced academic program with all the principal elements of development and growth. The program is comprehensively designed to address the specific needs of each age group in a consistent and progressive manner.

How We Do It

Our teachers instruct in an oral and directional manner. Students are introduced to material explicitly and thematically, with lessons linked to activities that correspond to each skill.


Our curricula and instructional methods 

incorporate Common Core standards and STEM standards so that each child is prepared to meet the academic challenges of elementary school.

What We Do

We offer teacher-led classes in early literacy, reading, math and life sciences, combined with group activities that emphasize creativity, communication, collaboration and character.  This is the foundation that builds ethical and self-confident life learners.


Our academic program covers alphabetic knowledge, phonological awareness, high frequency words and word families, print awareness and oral language. 


Our kindergarten curriculum additionally integrates decoding, syllable identification, rhyming words and phrases, vocabulary development, listening comprehension, following directions, and story comprehension.

All Seasons Children's Learning Center  

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