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Directors' Welcome

One of the great pleasures of teaching children is sharing, with much needed patience, in their evolution into independent, free-thinking, self-confident young students.  Learning is not a destination, but a lifelong journey.  Therefore, it is important that once the preschool years have passed and children embark on new learning experiences, all that they have learned here will guide them towards a path of endless possibility.


For their optimism and enthusiasm, we thank them. We as teachers learn so much from them. To all the parents that entrust us to impart a part of us, we are eternally grateful.

Mrs. Maria Potter

Senior   Director 

Mrs. Juana Guzman


Our Philosophy 

All Seasons Children's Learning Center is an academic and developmental preschool and kindergarten dedicated to preparing, educating, cultivating and nurturing young children during their prime formative years.


Since 1999, we have provided a fully-integrated academic and developmental program that is designed to meet the needs of children through all phases of their transitional experiences: home separation, socialization, cognitive development, and intellectual, physical and emotional growth.


We believe that early childhood should be a time of discovery, exploration, self-realization, warmth and growth.  Our principal objective is to provide a learning environment where each child can maximize his/her potential in a healthy and positive manner.


The educational component is structured and tailored to each age group in a consistent and progressive manner, and embodies fundamental concepts, such as cognitive awareness, development of small and large motor skills, critical thinking, language and communication.  These concepts are developed through alphabet recognition, phonics, reading and writing, pre-math and math, social and natural sciences, art, music, dance, dramatization, computer instruction, educational field trips and the observance of historical events.

If your plan is

for one year

...plant rice

If your plan is

for ten years

...plant a tree

If your plan is for 

one hundred 


...educate children



All Seasons Children's Learning Center  

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